OM announce US tour, ‘cause that God, let me tell you, he’s pretty darn alright

God is fine! Like, he’s pretty alright. Good? I don’t know if I’d go so far to say he’s good, but I’ve never been much for hyperbole. God’s totally adequate. A real 6/10, that God. Not everyone agrees with my lukewarm assessment on higher powers, though. Take drone-metal institution OM. They feel strongly enough about the goodness of God that they named their 2009 album God Is Good. Hey, if you say so, guys! Let’s agree to disagree.

Whether God is good or bad or fine or real or fake, one thing’s for sure: OM are going on tour next month. They’ll be playing a string of dates primarily in the Northeast and Midwest. The band last released Advaitic Songs in 2012, though they are currently working on a new album. To summarize, OM going on tour, album coming sometime in future, jury still out on God.

OM dates:

10.02.14 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
10.03.14 - Burlington, VT - Signal Kitchen
10.04.14 - Portland, ME - SPACE Gallery
10.05.14 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
10.06.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
10.08.14 - Louisville, KY - The New Vintage
10.09.14 - Iowa City, IA - Gabe’s Oasis
10.10.14 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
10.11.14 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall

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♫ Listen: Delofi - HEX​[​ago​]​N

Everybody, I let you down. I wasn’t on top of my game for this one, and I’ll be the first to admit it. I wanted to tell you about Delofi’s HEX​[​ago​]​N before it sold out, but it didn’t happen. I mean, I ordered a copy in time, so that’s all that really matters, but for you who are just hearing about HEX​[​ago​]​N, you’re gonna have to live that digital life with this beat tape. Now, if you want, you can try and get a hold of me, and I can lend you my copy for the low, low price of only one dollar per minute (that’s including the time it takes to ship to you and back to me). That, or you could just dub a copy yourself, burn a CDr, or, if you’ve got the means, go ahead and privately press a vinyl copy for your collection. I know that seems extreme, but it may be your only option at this point. With that said, I do NOT condone any of these, because that would be bootlegging, which is to be left for rum-runners and gin-soaked flappers, not music dwebs.

But I guess how you listen to HEX​[​ago​]​N isn’t the important thing; it’s that you listen to it. Go ahead and stream it either below or here.

HEX[ago]N by Delofi

WAIT!! I GOT SOMETHING (ELSE) TO SAY: Hex tapes is run by a fine young cannibal by the name of REZ, and he recently put out a cassette entitled Feels (calm down AnCo nerds) on Snow Broth. Luckily, it’s still available, so at least I haven’t completely failed you.

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♫ Listen: Syd Kemp - THE HORROR

My main-man Josh runnin’ the illustrious Illuminated Paths passed along my e-mail to this fellah Syd Kemp, I gave his album a listen, and it reminded me of how much I miss just getting stoked on new rock music coming out. Actually, an article published in the dark-side of P4K’s print-mag, Simon Reynolds talks about the speed and obtainable nature of music these days in “Worth Their Wait,” and in relation to this, I’d TOTALLY wait for THE HORROR if it had been released in single>radio>single>album>radio standard promotional practice. Shit, even NOW that it’s out and rockin’, I’m feeling the weight of my day lift a little in the levity of entertaining rock I enjoy.

In Syd Kemp’s THE HORROR, he mixes all the perfect elements of brass deployed in all 90s alt-rock tracks, mixes it with Deerhunter and Sufjan Stevens, then adds a slice of his own brand of modern-rock swag, creating what I consider to be a fully rounded release. Like, aside from each track, they all flow together. There’s an introduction, it’s not all over the place (which is never BAD, but if done poorly, could be sloppy), sounds fluctuated, but are never intrusive, fluidity is at an all-time MAX, and guess what: IT’S A FUCKING 7-inchs of vinyl. OK, technically the tracks play upon 14-inches, but who’s counting? Oh, I guess you’ll be counting on flipping that sucker non-stop once it arrives on your doorstep!

I love short releases. THE HORROR by Syd Kemp will blow your mind. Stream it below before you can spin it at home:

• Syd Kemp:

Excepter announce new album Familiar, as well as the fact that you’re old as SHIT, Brooklyn psych-noise fan!

If you like it when dancey, trancey, psychotropic, noisy, New York-y bands named Excepter release new albums of dancey, trancey, psychotropic, noisy, New York-y rock music, then today is TOTALLY your lucky day, my friend!

Which… I guess is just as well, because, if you like when dancey, trancey, psychotropic, noisy, New York-y bands named Excepter release new albums of dancey, trancey, psychotropic, noisy, New York-y rock music; you’ve technically been profoundly unlucky since 2010’s double album Presidence. Which is kind of a long time. You’re kind of a loser. Just sayin’.

And, you know, for that matter, I guess, TECHNICALLY, today isn’t your lucky day either. Rather, November 3 will be your lucky day. Cuz that’s when Excepter are set to finally release a new album on the Blast First Petite label. Entitled Familiar, the new record was largely recorded at Studio Faust in Prague and features John Fell Ryan (vocals, percussion, drums), Lala Ryan (vocals, synths, electronics, bass, flute), Matita Rotto (MPC, Waldorf, percussion), Jon Nicholson (synth, electronics, percussion, guitar), and Erica Kenia (percussion). You can check out the song “Sunburned Kids” down below, if you’re feeling… you know, lucky.

Anyway, the whole affair is being released on CD (for some reason) and “500 limited edition double vinyl,” the second disc of which will be dedicated “to the memory of [former band member] Clare Amory,” who died of cancer in 2011. The A-side to the disc will feature a “7 minute dark disco warning siren” instrumental from Nathan Corbin, and a John Fell Ryan engraving described as a “cabalistic vision of the universe through love and loss” will be hand-drawn on its B side. Damn. Sorta puts your problems in perspective, doesn’t it?

Familiar tracklisting:

01. Maids
02. Palace to Palace
03. Sunburned Kids
04. Same Address, Different City
05. Destroy
06. Holy Girl
07. Looking for Polly
08. Grinning in Your Face
09. Song to the Siren

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Watch: Horse Lords - Hidden Cities [trailer]

Horse Lords can save rock music.
Horse Lords can abandon rock music.
Horse Lords can discover new forms.

Fresh material from the Lords used to arrive in our eager brainspaces by way of cassette mixtapes. Maybe it will again. Maybe you discover one in the rack at True Vine. Maybe you cop it on Bandcamp. You pop it in and shake your flabby abdomen through thirty-plus minutes of hypnotic post-kraut shredding interspersed with swathes of laptop concrète abstraction and West African breakdowns, animated by winding sax lines and surgical cascades of guitar repetition, tethered to the ground by that thick-ass bass. Together and in their solo incarnations, Horse Lords constitute one tetrahedral center of the Baltimore DIY scene, heading out into the fog and placing flags in still unclaimed avant territories. They haven’t finished exploring yet.

Up next: their second full-length LP, Hidden Cities, conveyed to our turntables by the fine heads at NNA Tapes, due November 4. Bassist/synthesist/visual sorcerer Max Eilbacher put in some hours 3D rendering a trailer just for your hooded little red eyes to behold. Feast on some fractal text, deep zooms, and like two minutes of recorded music. Don’t get drool all over yourself in front of your loved ones. I’m keeping one ear to the ground and the other pressed right up against an iPhone screen until I hear more news about this LP. Stay tuned.

• Horse Lords:
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♫ Listen: Luca Lozano - “Immer Mittwoch”

100% Silk just put out two pulsing, late night dancefloor burners as part of their always enjoyable tape collection. I can’t tell you how much I love throwing on one of their cassettes while I’m making dinner (as I’m too boring to go out to the clubs), and the latest from Berlin’s Luca Lozano is a bumping ride you’ll want to take again and again. “Immer Mittwoch” sweeps you up in the groove, and if you dig the vibes on this one, the rest of the Isolation Distorts cassette jacks like the suave love child of Detroit and Berlin house. Try not to find yourself bobbing your head at your desk to this one, take it to your next party, and get wild on the weekend.

• 100% Silk:
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Angel Olsen announces deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire for No Witness, all non-deluxe editions of album to be burned in terrible fire

In rural Kentucky, a terrible fire rages on. Lonely souls with empty eyes are drawn to it, seemingly without reason. They congregate around the fire and into its blaze, they toss Angel Olsen’s recent album Burn Your Fire for No Witness. “Stop! That’s a very good album,” cry onlookers. “Yes,” respond those who follow the flame. “But Jagjaguwar is putting out a deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire for No Witness on November 18.”

Now that your old, dusty regular copy of Burn Your Fire For No Witness is engulfed in flames, we can talk deluxe edition. This new edition contains five bonus tracks, two of which derive from a 7-inch offered with pre-orders of the album’s original release, while the remaining three are previously unreleased and came from the album’s recording sessions. Hear one of those three tracks, “All Right Now,” below. Also, the deluxe edition is a digital-only release, so, uhh, maybe we were a bit rash when tossing all those CDs and vinyl into that fire.

Angel Olsen is currently on tour in Europe, but is set for a US tour beginning at the very end of October. Most of the dates feature a full band, though a few shows will find her playing solo. While you search for more objects to chuck into a blaze, watch the Olsen-directed clip for Burn Your Fire track “High & Wild” at Vimeo.

Burn Your Fire for No Witness (Deluxe Edition) tracklist:

01. Unfucktheworld
02. Forgiven/Forgotten
03. Hi-Five
04. White Fire
05. High & Wild
06. Lights Out
07. Stars
08. Iota
09. Dance Slow Decades
10. Enemy
11. Windows
12. White Water (bonus)
13. All Right Now (bonus)
14. Only With You (bonus)
15. May As Well (bonus)
16. Endless Road (bonus)

Angel Olsen dates:

09.19.14 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival
09.20.14 - Utrecth, Netherlands - Ekko *
09.22.14 - Leeds, UK - Brudenelle Social Club *
09.23.14 - Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute *&
09.24.14 - Newcastle, UK - The Cluny *
09.25.14 - London, UK - Electric Ballroom *
09.26.14 - Rouen, France - Le 106 *
09.27.14 - Bordeaux, France - Krakatoa *
09.29.14 - Madrid, Spain - Charada
09.30.14 - Barcelona, Spain - La 2
10.01.14 - Lyon, France - L’Epicerie Moderne *
10.02.14 - Milano, Italy - Biko *
10.03.14 - Bologna, Italy - Covo *
10.04.14 - Zuerich, Switzerland - Exil *
10.06.14 - Vienna, Austria - WUK *
10.07.14 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk *
10.08.14 - Berlin, Germany - Bi Nuu *
10.09.14 - Frankfurt, Germany - Brotfabrik
10.10.14 - Brussels, Belgium - AB
10.11.14 - Liege, Belgium - Les Heures In-D
10.31.14 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder
11.01.14 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
11.02.14 - Orlando, FL - The Social
11.04.14 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
11.05.14 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s Upstairs
11.06.14 - McAllen, TX - Cine El Rey
11.07-09.14 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.11.14 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone Cafe
11.12.14 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
11.29.14 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall ^
12.01.14 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall #
12.02.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel (solo show, w/ Meg Baird)
12.03.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Silent Movie Theatre (solo show)
12.04.14 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre #
12.06.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Roulette (solo show, w/ Jaye Bartell)
12.08.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom ^
12.09.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom ^

* Rodrigo Amarante
& Ryley Walker
^ Lionlimb
# Kevin Morby

• Angel Olsen:
• Jagjaguwar:

♫ Listen: Balinese Beast - “Pronounce”

Go riding along the pine rafter’s rails where splinters, grooves, shrills, and repeaters are props for the possibility of slapstick. Physical harm, as a goal, is likely to be achieved, due to inner imbalance, not external factors. An unsteady ride such as this should not be undertaken under our current conditions. The body stiffens, fumbles, falters; natural vision is in error.

As previously stated, external forces are no longer a threat. The borders are clear. Prohibition repealed. To celebrate: a run along the frets of an upright. The upright is joined by sectionals of strange electronic matter. Go run along the obstacle course with its uneven streets, reckless and teetering, barely upright.

• Balinese Beast:
• moremars:

Watch: White Poppy - “Jennifer” (Faust cover)

Holy crud. I can’t take how serene White Poppy (a.k.a. Crystal Dorval) covered “Jennifer” by Faust. Real light drumming, a chorus that could put the world asleep, guitar work only a walk can contemplate, dolphins makin’ bubble circles and swimming through ‘em –you know, typical White Poppy flourishings. And now that she’s moving back into Vancouver, after having lived on Victoria Island for the last few months (minus touring), and I imagine we’ll be hearing a LOT more from her. Also, you can snag her cover of “Jennifer” for free-download at her Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE!

Ok, well ACTUALLY… can you keep a secret? I can’t. Last night, Crystal dropped a BIG TEASE on me: Not Not Fun is releasing her next LP early next Spring; late next Winter; around February/March. Did you just die with that information? ‘Cause I did and now my ethereal being came back to Earth just for this moment to write it up and spread the news. I can go back to dead now. Enjoy White Poppy’s cover (AND VIDEO!!!) of Faust’s “Jennifer” in the mean [but nice] time!

• White Poppy:

Thrill Jockey plans Heat Leisure LP for October release, featuring members of Pontiak, Guardian Alien

As a young professional leading a life marked by both warmth and relaxation — I own not one but two heating pads and I regularly trick my roommate into giving me foot massages — I feel uniquely qualified to tell the world about the upcoming Heat Leisure LP on Thrill Jockey. In fact, with a great deal of confidence I believe I can say that most of my life has been building up to the moment in the next sentence where I tell you the album’s title and release date. It’s called III & IV and it’s out October 21. You might be thinking that any old joker could’ve written that sentence, but that’s where you’re dead wrong.

Heat Leisure is a big ole collaboration between Pontiak’s Carney Brothers, Greg Fox and Alexandra Drewchin from Guardian Alien, Steve Strohmeier from Beach House and Arboretum, and Robert J. Otten III (featuring, as well, a guest appearance by Merry Prankster and Grateful Dead pal Ken Babbs), and III & IV was recorded over a series of late night sessions in the Carneys’ studio on their farm in Virginia. III & IV is a follow-up to the short film and 7-inch release of I & II back in 2012. In much the same way that my roommate does not limit himself to foot massages but often provides back, forearm, and thigh massages, Heat Leisure intentionally don’t want to limit themselves to just audio albums. The group was conceived as a “multi-media pursuit;” future releases or performances could really take any form the collective imagines.

So go ahead, friend: from one super-sweltering and all-splayed-out-like-it’s-vacation-all-the-time young professional to another, you should consider pre-ordering the LP today.

III & IV tracklist:

01. III
02. IV

• Heat Leisure:
• Thrill Jockey: http://

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